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Multipurpose Topsoil

  • A premium organic rich topsoil ideal for all-year-round landscaping and planting applications

    • Manufactured using a blend of compost and sands for optimum drainage and air circulation
    • Consistency guaranteed
    • Naturally sustainable and peat-free
    • Manufactured to BS 3882:2007
  • Available in:

    Topsoil Litres



More Information on TruGrow Topsoil

Trugrow topsoil offers a reliable, high quality soil to aid projects big & small. Totally organic and mixing top quality compost with sand to allow water to permeate it will aide drainage and provides a great base to any gardening project. TruGrow topsoil is totally sustainable and guaranteed to be peat-free. It comes with the TruGrow seal of consistency and quality so you can be confident that you are getting the best possible soil for your garden or landscaping jobs.

No job is too big or too small for our TruGrow and our topsoil is available in bags or in loose tipper loads for bigger projects, ideal for your back garden or for large scale projects. Use our onsite calculator to find out how much TruGrow multi-purpose compost you need to cover your gardening needs then use our stockist locator to find a bark supplier near you.

For more information read our Topsoil Case Study or our Topsoil Buying Guide.

You can get Trugrow Multipurpose Topsoil from your local stockist or buy topsoil from our online shop.


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    Trugrow Topsoil safety Data Sheet (pdf)